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Fifth Sunday of Lent

As humans, we can find the circumstances of life overwhelming. Looking at the world around us can bring us uncertainty and fear. Examining the depths of our own heart we discover brokenness and failure. Is there hope for us at all? Yes! This Sunday we will reflect on the promise of God that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. …

An update regarding “Shelter-in-Place” and our Sunday services

Dear Church Family, It has been almost a week since six Bay Area counties have issued “Shelter-in-Place” that will extend at least through April 7 and probably beyond. Although we believe that this action is very important and even critical to helping stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we realize that it has posed obvious changes to our schedules …

A Note About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Church Family, Several Fremont pastors had a phone call this afternoon with the health department for Alameda County. The health director hosted a group phone call for pastors and church leaders to discuss how we can best respond to the challenges and the unknown implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Also, it was just announced that Fremont, Union City, and …

The Comforting Joy of Lent

For many people who have come up in a liturgical Christian background in churches that follow closely to the church calendar, Lent might be more common and familiar; but for others from the broader evangelical circles, not so much. In a very helpful article posted on The Gospel Coalition website several years ago, Chuck Colson explains this about the church calendar and an approach to Lent ...

The Word: The Incarnation of God

Bob Bixby

Thanksgiving: The Stories of the Redeemed

Bob Bixby

The Growing Up Christian

Jacob Denys

Purposeful Transformation

Michael Denton

Purposeful Transformation

Michael Denton