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Church Life

Join a community group, serve in a ministry, attend a study, or help out the community around us serving the island.

Gathered Worship

We believe that the weekly gathering on the Lord’s Day as God’s people to worship in song, learn from his Word, celebrate around the Table, and be sent out on mission, is foundational to our life as a church. The regular, repeated, retelling of the gospel story through the ordered worship of the church shapes our affections for Christ and creates rhythms of worship in our everyday lives.

This regular, repeated, retelling of the gospel takes two forms in our gathered worship services: weekly worship liturgy and the Christian liturgical calendar. Our worship liturgy incorporates music, prayers, scripture readings, giving, and the Lord’s Table, in an ordered, participatory, and repeatable way that drives gospel truths deep into our lives. Each service retells the gospel story of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration in a way that models family and personal worship as well.

The Christian liturgical calendar is a yearly retelling the gospel story that begins with the anticipation of the Father keeping his promise in sending his Son at Advent, emphasizing his life and ministry, celebrating the Cross and Resurrection at Easter, and embracing our mission as the Church sent by Christ in the power of the Spirit at Pentecost. These weekly and yearly reminders of the richness of the gospel shape us as individuals and shape the culture of our church.

The preaching of our church is expositional and systematic as our pastors preach through books of the Bible but on a schedule that exposes our people to the whole counsel of God throughout the year. Over the course of months and years we hope that the Word of God and the truths of the gospel sink deep into us and shape us as fully devoted followers of Christ.

Church Community

God’s design for the church is for it be a community of believers pursing Christ together. While the Sunday worship gathering is the foundation of our fellowship together, authentic community requires deeper levels of relationship than our Sunday morning meetings can provide. Our Community groups are places where smaller groups of believers gather to share our lives together. We meet throughout the week in homes to share meals with one another, pray for one another, serve one another, encourage one another, and share what God is teaching us with one another.

We have currently community groups that meet in Niles, Union City, Centerville, and San Jose. If you are interested in joining a community group please contact us for more information.

Redeemer Kids

Redeemer Kids is about so much more than child care. Our trained teachers and children’s workers want to see children shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our children’s discipleship classes use the Gospel Project curriculum to teach children the Bible chronologically. This allows kids to see the big story of the Bible. They learn how God is at work throughout history to bring salvation to the world through Jesus Christ.

Junior church is provided for children through grade 1. This time is designed to give pre-readers Bible lessons and activities that are age appropriate, and that will engage their hearts with the gospel. Special children’s notes are provided to the older children to help teach them to engage in worship with the congregation.

The safety of children is important to us. All of our teachers and children’s workers go through a yearly child safety orientation and have been through a thorough criminal background check. A copy of Redeemer’s child protection policy is available upon request.

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