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We want you to come as you are. God calls men and women of all races, cultures, political persuasions, and economic backgrounds to become one in Christ. Here’s what you can expect when visiting:



Services are at 10:30 AM (4111 Alder Ave, Fremont, CA) lasting about an hour and a half. We offer parking onsite for your convenience. Our friendly team of greeters will then meet you and get you pointed in the right direction. People at our gatherings usually wear what feels comfortable for them. For many, that’s jeans and a collared shirt or t-shirt. Feel free to come as you are.

Have Children?

We look forward to meeting your family! We provide a Redeemer Kids Class for children—from newborns to 1st graders. One of our greeters can direct you to the children’s classes, where you will be asked to do a one-time registration of your family.




Our music is scripturally based and doctrinally sound while being accessible to the contemporary worshiper. The songs we sing reflect the breadth of biblical worship, from sorrowful lament to joyful praise, but all of them are about the truth of God’s gospel.

Gospel Message

Most of our teaching is a verse by verse exposition of God’s Word, with application to our lives as Christians living in the world. We typically do a number of series on various books of scripture during the year, with occasional topical sermons mixed in as well.




We follow the ancient church calendar for our worship liturgy and celebrate the Lord’s Table every Sunday.

We would love for you to join us. If you are not yet a believer, we invite you to come and see what the worship of Jesus Christ is all about. If you are a believer we invite you to come worship, fellowship, and serve our Lord together.

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